Regimes of visibility and algorithmic surveillance on digital platforms: operationalizing the thought through images in a collaborative perspective


  • Raquel Assunção Oliveira Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte



In this article, I present and analyze the results obtained in the first interview for the ongoing thesis project, which investigates how visibility regimes interfere with the algorithmic surveillance regime of bodies in contemporary times. In an initiative stimulated by the exchanges carried out in the Thematic Group Digital and Popular Communication, promoted by the IX ALAIC Summer School, I propose to connect in a single interview the two methodological fronts addressed: the construction of a collaborative visual atlas in the theoretical wake of archeology of visual knowledge, inspired by Aby Warburg, and conducting semi-structured interviews with collective leaders who question aspects of the capitalist culture of surveillance. To this end, the interviewee was presented with a set of images of artistic works related to the themes of body visibility and algorithmic surveillance. The data obtained brought up three thematic nodes: 1) Historical struggles, 2) Countercolonial cosmovisions, and 3) Thinking of images in opposition, which will be analyzed in resonance with the reflections of the authors Antônio Bispo dos Santos, Tarcízio Silva, and Kate Crawford.