Communication Processes in the Communication Office Government Speech Formats: A Discursive Analysis of the News Published on the Rn Government Portal


  • Daiana de Medeiros Brandão Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte



The article presents an approach to the discourse produced by government communication offices, based on the communication developed in the news published in the institutional media of government agencies, as a public power. It highlights the relevant need to do Public Communication, respecting equal rights, through equity applied between political and governmental communication, in defense of public interests in the production of news content. In this context, it makes an clipping from Brandão's dissertation (2023). It fosters a discussion that supports the practical development of communication based on democratic principles and the exercise of citizenship, through the institutional information built. This research work aims to contribute theoretically and empirically, with Latin American research in the field of media communication, which defend the applicability of Public Communication. In addition, the study aims to expand this discussion on the international scene, to promote theoretical-empirical knowledge of the theoretical perspectives of PC and French Discourse Analysis (DA), which are the main study methods used in the research. It is intended to encourage future publications by researchers who are interested in the theme of construction public discourse. The results show the predominant types of communication in the 14 news analyzed, verifying the democratic contributions of the Communication Office of the Government of Rio Grande do Norte, however it is verified that the communication exercised, presents in the production of meanings of the narratives, more discursive elements of a political-governmental communication.