Universities in Latin America. Power and resistance to alienation of social intellect

Alberto Bialakowsky, Cecilia Lusnich, Guadalupe Romero, Pablo Ortiz


This article addresses, from the perspective of Latin American critical thought, the  processes of change in the Higher Education in the context of social change, characterized by the social exclusion phenomena and the intervention neoliberal in recent decades. The investigation covers the analysis of the forms of production and distribution of knowledge in the university in this context as well as work processes which model university practices. Besides, we propose an alternative methodology in terms epistemological, ethical and pedagogical, problematizing current challenges and the concentration of knowledge production, presenting a possible alternative for the meaning of the practice and the social role of the university.


Keywords: Critical thought, Higher Education, knowledge production, alternative methodology.


Submission date: 15-10-2013

Acceptance date: 20-11-2013


Critical thought; Higher Education; knowledge production; alternative methodology

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Journal of Latin American Communication Research - 2014