Latin American Communication Thought and the challenges for the XXI Century: Some theoretical points for a collective and critical new research agenda


  • César Ricardo Siqueira Bolaño Universidade Federal de Sergipe


Capitalist Economy, Mediation, International Research, Global Communication.


This paper aims to contribute to the theoretical and epistemological dialogue promoted by the ALAIC-ECREA task force. First, it summarizes some ideas about the changes in the capitalist economy and society in the transition from the XX to the XXI Century. Second, it emphasizes the importance of the Latin American political economy of communication and culture in order to develop the global communication field in the collective perspective proposed by the referred task force. It ends with the theme of mediation, from the perspective of the development of a new international research program. Keywords: Capitalist Economy; Mediation; International Research; Global Communication.

Author Biography

César Ricardo Siqueira Bolaño, Universidade Federal de Sergipe

President of ALAIC