Latin American TV series production in Netflix streaming platform. Club de Cuervos and La Casa de las Flores

María José Higueras Ruiz


This research studies the peculiarities of Netflix original content within the production of its Latin American projects, in order to determine the characteristics of these TV series and their repercussion for the Latino industry and community. Following a qualitative methodology, we reviewed the previous research on streaming services, focusing on Netflix platform. In our presentation of the key themes across the literature, we draw on data from an in-depth interview with Diego Ávalos (2018) – Netflix’s Vice President of International Originals Content in Latin American and Spanish – to provide insight into the specific features of Latin American Netflix production. In addition, we looked at the production context, fiction features, and reception context of two specific TV projects: Club de Cuervos (2015-2019) and La Casa de las Flores (2019-2020). The analysis of these TV shows sheds light on Netflix’s contribution to Latin American TV series production, through innovative projects which are internationally distributed. Therefore, Netflix service and its original production provide an opportunity for the recognition and diffusion of Latin American audiovisual industry.


TV Series, Television Production, Latin America, streaming, Netflix

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Journal of Latin American Communication Research - 2014