Netflix’s Leap: From Political Economy of Distribution to Symbolic Production, The Río Grande Way

Eliseo R Colón Zayas


This paper studies Netflix’s algorithm of prediction, recommendation and mediation to promote audiovisual consumption and symbolic mediation of Latino images in global markets. I explore some of the mechanisms used by Netflix for cultural symbolic construction of a global, transnational, Latino discourse. I focus on Netflix’s audience engagement through the appropriation of Telenovelas’ operating rules for the development of a global transnational community of producers and consumers which reuse the elaborate production and interpretative process of Latino codes, meanings and contents. I argue that Latino culture, through its diverse cultural contacts functioning like a global Rio Grande, serves Netflix as a mechanism of textual production, distribution and consumption that operates through the conflicts between three global market geographies.


Netflix; telenovela; Latino; Latin American Media

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Journal of Latin American Communication Research - 2014