Are we or not? Traits of Mexican identity from Roma

Gabriel Dominguez Partida


Mexican identity links to different conceptions related to the national governments in turn, whose traits have been portrayed in the cinema produced in the country. Because of the international success of a Mexican film like Roma (2018) by Alfonso Cuarón, it becomes essential to distinguish which characteristics the audience identifies in the movie regarding Mexicanidad. Hence, this research is a qualitative study about young Mexicans' perceptions of Mexicanidad in Roma, comparing them with a textual analysis of the film. The discussion of this representation allows emphasizing two Mexican traits: the importance of the family and classism. Although the film's conversation highlights those issues, it also generates a series of contradictions among participants' perceptions concerning those topics, the film industry's status, and Mexicanidad. The point of convergence is the possibility to build a more competitive cinema closer to Mexicans and their identity.


Cultural identity; Mexican cinema; Mexican identity; Mexicanidad; national cinema; Roma.

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Journal of Latin American Communication Research - 2014