Being Black and Latin@: How Telemundo Articulates Blackness within the Latin American Panethnic Identity

Yadira Gricel Nieves-Pizarro, Juan Mundel


The representation of minorities in United States Latino media is scarce, as market forces push Latino panethnicity to appeal to a heterogeneous Spanish speaking audience in the country and in Latin America. Nonetheless, the biographical series “Celia” aired by Telemundo in 2015 featured an Afro Latino cast to depict the life of Cuban salsa singer Celia Cruz. This study examines the portrayal of Afro Latinos and Latinas through a content analysis of the telenovela. Even though, Afro Latino characters were depicted in a positive light, they were still portrayed as something other than panethnic. This research contributes an empirical analysis of the representation of minorities in Latino media.


Latino panethnicity; Afro Latinos and Latinas; Afro Cuban; Latino media; Content Analysis

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Journal of Latin American Communication Research - 2014