Communication, Risks and Opportunities: Promoting internal and external dialogue on Latin America

Fernando Oliveira Paulino, Eliseo R Colón Zayas


This edition of the Journal of Latin American Communication Research (JLACR) maintains the mission of the magazine to be a channel of dialogue between Latin America and other parts of the world. To do this, articles in this issue analyze Latin American reality along with specific situations that influence media professionals and scientific conditions.

Latin American thought is present in texts published in this issue as encouragement for researcher’s, from inside and outside the region, to submit articles for the next JLACR’s editions.


Communication; Risks; Opportunities; Latin America; Media; Journalism;Ruben Arnoldo Gonzalez;Julio Juárez-Gámiz;Yeny Serrano;Silvia Montaña;Victoria González;César Ariza;Charles H. Wood;Rachel Reis Mourão;Beatriz Lovo Reichmann;Sharon Jacqueline Wilson

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Journal of Latin American Communication Research - 2014